Documentation Requirements to apply for the Morristown Municipal ID (MMID)

Requires at least 4 points to prove identity and 2 points to prove residency in Morristown.

Current and unexpired documents are required.


Four (4) Points—Identity

  • U.S State Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit Photo ID
  • U.S State Identification Card

Three (3) Points—Identity

  • Consular ID with photograph
  • Visa or U.S. Work Permit (current)
  • National identification card (current)
  • U.S. Birth Certificate
  • U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card)
  • U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Certificate
  • U.S. Federal Government or Tribal-issued photo ID

Two (2) Points—Identity

  • Foreign Passport
  • Foreign driver’s license
  • Prisoner ID card
  • Foreign Birth Certificate


Two (2) Points—Residency

  • Utility bill with name and address
  • Notarized residential lease
  • Automobile insurance card

One (1) Point—Residency

  • Proof of a minor enrolled in Morristown public or private school
  • Insurance bill other than automobile
  • Bank statement
  • Employment pay stub
  • Local property tax statement