Clean Communities

Inquiries? Call the Mayor's Office at 973-292-6629

The key focus of Clean Communities is education about litter control. The program goal is to eliminate litter from Morristown.  Clean Communities provides educational programs for schools and civic organization as well as working with the business community.  Clean Communities works in cooperation with Public Works and Property Maintenance to seek public compliance to Town Code. Clean Communities runs for two major annual clean up events. Funded by Town of Morristown and an entitlement program from state DEP.

A Litter Management/Prevention Plan is required for any Special Events within the Town of Morristown. Please submit application to the Department of Public Works, Clean Communities Program no less than 14 days prior to the event.
Families, individuals and community groups are needed to take care of a public spot throughout the year. We ask that volunteers agree to keep an eye on and to perform litter pick-ups and sometimes, minor landscaping at an assigned location at least four times per year. Supplies and instructions are provided by the Clean Communities Program. “Adopt-a-Spot” is a simple and fun way of participating in our community.