Responsibilities of Mayor

In Morristown’s strong Mayor-Council form of government, the Mayor exercises the executive power of the Town. Responsibilities and powers include:

  • Enforcing the provisions of the Charter, Town ordinances, and all applicable general laws
  • Supervising all the departments of Town government
  • Reporting annually to the Town Council
  • Making recommendations to the Town Council on such matters as he believes are in the public interest.
  • Attending meetings of the Town Council and taking part in discussions, but without having a vote (except in the case of breaking a tie on the question of filling a vacancy on the Council)
  • Vetoing ordinances passed by the Town Council, which veto may be overridden by a 2/3 vote of the Council
  • With the advice and consent of the Council, appointing the Business Administrator, the director of each department, the Town engineer and the municipal assessor
  • Appointing members of the Planning Board
  • Appointing other officers and employees as required by the Charter
    With the assistance of the Business Administrator, preparing the municipal budget and recommending it to the Town Council by January 15th each year
  • Appointing an Acting Mayor when absence or disability shall prevent him from attending to the duties of his office
  • Appointing advisory committees

The Mayor is elected by the Town’s voters to a four-year term.