Responsibilities of Council

The Town Council does not handle things such as fixing potholes, repairing street lights, etc. Those matters are handled by the Town Administrator. Often, at Town Council meetings, these matters are often discussed and referred to the Town Administrator who attends the Council meetings with the Mayor.

One of the most vital responsibilities of the Council is adopting the municipal budget. Residents are urged to contact their Council representative for matters concerning Town legislation.The Council President is elected by members of the Council at the organizational meeting and serves for one year..

The President supervises the preparation of the agenda by the Town Clerk for all Council meetings. He or she chairs the meetings so as to allow ideas and issues to flow among all the members. Special meetings may also be called by the President, as well as sub-committees, which examine specific types of issues. The Council President also helps establish legislation for the Town, and serves as a liaison between the Council and Administration.

The Council appoints the following members of Boards:

  • Housing Authority
  • Parking Authority
  • One Planning Board Member
  • Rent Leveling Board
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities