Information for Landlords

Almost every residential dwelling built prior to 1981 is subject to Rent Control.  This includes single-family homes. There is an exemption for 1-4 unit buildings of this age if they are owner-occupied*
  • Every non-exempt residential rental unit must be registered with the Rent Leveling Office once in every twelve-month period, whether it is occupied or vacant, or the landlord will lose any increase which might otherwise have been allowed. 
  • A landlord who purchases a non-exempt dwelling unit must advise the Division of Rent Leveling in writing of the change in ownership and present a Certificate of Habitability permit within 30 days of the purchase.
  • A unit which is being rented out for the first time must be registered within 30 days of being leased.
  • $30 per unit Rent Control Registration fee applies each time there is a registration.
* Owner-occupancy exemption. An owner is the title owner of a dwelling occupied as his primary residence for at least twelve (12) months continual.  The owner must share on a pro rata basis, based upon the percentage of ownership, in the investments, profits and losses of the dwelling.  Proof of residency is required.  An owner-occupant can only take one exemption.  Registration of owner-occupancy is mandatory and requires no fee.
Vacancy Decontrol/Recontrol (164-3.1, effective November 8, 2005) Upon voluntary, non-coerced vacation of a unit, landlord must file registration with Rent Leveling Manager within 15 days after entering into lease agreement with new tenant. Landlord may negotiate mutually agreeable new rent with proposed new tenant. Landlord shall certify on re-registration form (a copy of which shall be given to new tenant) that the vacancy was voluntary, not coerced or was result of court-ordered eviction. Anti-harassment conditions of the Rent Control Ordinance are strictly enforced.
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