Livery/Limo/Taxi License

Applying For A Livery/Limo/Taxi  License

Livery – Any motor vehicle which is owned or used for the purpose of transporting passengers for hire and which is hired by specific charter or for a particular contract, or by the date, hour, or other fixed period, and for which use there is charged a fare or price agreed upon in advance between the owner or operator and the passenger.

Operator – Any person who owns, directs, conducts or is in charge of any taxicab or livery business or of any taxicab or livery, either as an owner, manager, driver, or otherwise.

Owner – Any person who holds legal title to any taxicab or livery, any conditional vendee or lessee, or any other person having an interest in a taxicab or livery which shall entitle him/her to the immediate possession thereof.

Taxicab – Any motor vehicle, other than bus or livery, which is operated or engaged in the business of transporting passengers for hire.

Licenses are required in the Town of Morristown:

No person shall operate any taxicab for hire in the Town of Morristown unless the owner thereof has obtained a Taxicab License for such taxicab.  A person shall be deemed to "operate" a taxicab if he picks up passengers within the Town of Morristown for a fee or other consideration, except in those cases where the ride originated outside of the Town of Morristown and the passenger either requested that the taxicab wait or return to pick him up at a designated time.

No person shall operate any livery for hire in the Town of Morristown unless the owner thereof has first obtained a Livery License for such livery.

No person shall operate a taxicab or livery for hire, nor shall any owner or operator allow a taxicab or livery to be operated for hire, unless the driver thereof has first obtained a Town of Morristown Taxicab/Livery Driver's Permit.

How to Apply for a Livery/Limousine or Taxi License:

  1. Fill out application (available in the Clerk's office)
  2. Criminal History ($18.00 money order SBI-State Bureau of Police)
  3. Mental health check
  4. Driver History Abstract
  5. Copy of Drivers License (must have a NJ driver's license for at least 1 year)
  6. Proof you can work in US (ex. Green Card)
  7. Two letters of reference (friends or business assoc.)
  8. Two passport photos
  9. Fingerprints

The process takes approximately 3 – 4 weeks once the appropriate paperwork has been submitted.

We have no taxi licenses available as of July 1, 2005.

Taxi and Limousine Licenses are $250.00 per year. 

All drivers must apply for a driver's permit (same procedure as above) and the fee is $50.00 per year for each driver.  Before the driver is licensed they must submit a certificate of fitness from a physician licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey certifying that such physician has examined the applicant within the thirty (30) day period preceding the date of the application and that to the best of his knowledge the applicant is in good health, has eyesight which meets the minimum vision requirements set by the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles, and is not subject to any disease or infirmity which makes him unfit to drive.