Terms of Membership

The Morristown Planning Board consists of the following members:

One (1) Class I Member The Mayor

One (1) Class II Member An official of the municipality, other than a member of the governing body. One (1) year term

One (1) Class III Member A member of the governing body, to be appointed by the same. One (1) year term, except in the case of termination at the completion of their respective terms of office, whichever occurs first.

Six (6) Class IV Members Individuals who must be citizens of the municipality, and shall hold no other municipal office, except that one (1) may be a member the Zoning Board of Adjustment and one (1) may be a member of the Board of Education. Four (4) year term.

Two (2) Alternate Members Individuals who shall meet the qualifications of Class IV members. Two (2) year staggered terms.