Hazardous Waste, incl. Fluorescent Light Bulbs


Hazardous Waste is prohibited by Town Code 109 from being disposed of in regular garbage and is not accepted at the recycling center. Some of the items considered as Hazardous Waste include: ANTIFREEZE, MOTOR OIL, MURATIC ACID, BRAKE FLUID, OIL BASED PAINTS AND SOLVENTS, PESTICIDES AND POOL CHEMICALS, etc.


The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority provides two options to Morristown residents for recycling both standard & compact fluorescent light bulbs.
The first option is to take your burned-out bulbs to one of the scheduled Hazardous Waste Disposal Days offered by MCMUA. These occur several times a year at various locations in Morris County. Drop-off is free.
The second option is to call MCMUA at 973-829-8006 to schedule an appointment for drop-off at the MCMUA Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Mt. Olive. There may be a fee. Details can be found on the MCMUA website. The Town of Morristown does not recycle fluorescent bulbs. The Town will pick up fluorescent bulbs as regular curbside garbage. This is the least desirable option for disposal.
If you have any question on what you are discarding, call the DPW office. Morris County has a Hazardous Waste drop off days several times a year. For more information you can call the County at 973-829-8006. For disposal of syringes call Morristown Memorial Hospital at 973-971-5271.