Burnham Park Pool

Free pool, Download Free pool png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library Dive into summer fun at Burnham Park Pool! ‍Membership Renewal is now open and New Member Applications are being accepted. Don't miss out on your chance to make a splash this season!


Mendham Road & Scherzer Way

Registration Process: 

NEW POOL MEMBERS must complete and provide the following:

1. Membership Application Form

2. Proof of Residency - driver's license, utility bill (electricity, gas, telephone, water), rent or mortgage documents, etc.

3. Date of Birth Verification for the children that will be on your membership (Birth Certificate or Passport).

4. Labeled headshots/ "selfies" of ANYONE that is going to be on your membership that is 5 years old and older. Children under 5 years old will not be issued a Pool ID Card.

Once we have received and reviewed ALL required documents, we will send you an email regarding registration & payment.

*NOTE: You are considered a New Pool Member if you have not been a Member at Burnham Pool since 2022.


1. Please log in to your existing Community Pass account and the account you used last year to renew your pool membership.

2. If you cannot remember your password, please email or call the Recreation Department for a password reset. DO NOT make a new Community Pass account.

3. If your Pool ID Cards are misplaced, lost, or damaged, replacement ID Cards are available at $10.00 per card.


- Pool ID Cards are mandatory for entrance into the pool facility each visit, there will be no admittance into Burnham Pool without a valid ID Card, NO EXCEPTIONS.

- There will be NO over the phone membership renewals or new member registrations.


 - Mail, email, or deliver to Morristown Recreation at:

- If you are mailing in your documents, please only include copies of documents. Do not send originals, they will not be returned.