FAQ's & Public Information

Basic Public Information With Procedures
Which Trees are Owned by The Town of Morristown? The Town of Morristown owns, maintains and is responsible for most of the trees planted along the street between the curb and sidewalk.  (Morris County is responsible for those trees planted on county roads).  On streets with no sidewalk or curb there is also a “Right of Way” owned by the Town of Morristown which may contain town owned trees.  The “Right of Way” may vary throughout the town and to determine the “Right of Way” please contact the Department of Public Works.  The Town of Morristown also owns, maintains and is responsible for all trees and shrubs planted in the town owned parks and public spaces.
Who Do I Contact Regarding a Concern with a Town Owned Tree? You may submit the “Request for Service or Inspection” form on the Shade Tree Commission page of the Town website or call the Department of Public Works @ 973-292-6670 or in the case of an emergency the police department @ 973-292-6655.
Why are Trees Removed? Trees that are dead, deemed hazardous or that are seriously compromised in health or at the end of their service life are candidates for removal.  Only the Shade Tree Commission with the advice of the consulting arborist or other authorized town employee may decide the removal of a Town tree. Only the Town of Morristown or STC authorized professional may remove a town owned tree. (Chapter 17 Code of the Town of Morristown)
Why Are Trees Pruned? Trees that appear to be hazardous or present issues of public safety are pruned.  The Town also makes a concerted effort to maintenance prune its trees in order to enhance the quality of growth and appearance and overall health of its urban forest.  Maintenance pruning effectively mitigates the future need to address hazard trees. Only the Town of Morristown or STC authorized professional may prune a town owned tree. (Chapter 17 Code of the Town of Morristown)
When are Trees Removed or Pruned? Trees that are deemed hazardous or are issues of public safety are given priority in both instances and attended to as quickly as possible.  All other pruning and removal work is posted to a Department of Public Works spreadsheet and will be given attention systematically.
When & Where are New Trees Planted? The Town of Morristown currently has both a Spring and Fall tree planting program.  Trees are planted in the public property along streets and in parks to enhance the quality and size of the urban forest through renewal and addition.  Specific varieties of trees are selected by our consulting arborist as having growth characteristics that are site appropriate to the location. Hardiness, providing species diversity to the urban forest and creation of a pleasing streetscape are further considerations. 
How is a New Tree Planting Requested? The Town of Morristown encourages residents to request the planting of town trees in the curb space in front of their homes.  A request form is available on the STC web page.  Residents may also request that the Town plant a tree on private property in a location that will benefit the community by enhancing the “streetscape”.  A form is also available on the STC web page.  
Scheduled Regular Meetings of The Shade Tree Commission are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 7pm til 8:30pm in room 201 of Town Hall.  Residents are encouraged and invited to attend these meetings.  The meeting agenda is posted to the town website prior to the meeting and the minutes of prior meetings are also posted to the town website.  There is an open public comment session at the beginning of every meeting.

How Do I Formally Address the STC with a Tree Request?  A person or group or other entity wishing to make a formal presentation to the STC requesting a decision over which the STC has authority may make an application to appear in writing (to shadetree@townofmorristown.org) clearly stating all facts and the desired resolution.  The STC will schedule the appearance on the agenda of the regularly scheduled STC meeting of the first month following the application of the request.  A final decision will be rendered by a scheduled vote of the Shade Tree Commission no later than the 2nd regularly scheduled meeting following the formal hearing of the request, unless further information is deemed necessary.