Domestic Violence Crisis Response Team

The Morristown Bureau of Police is proud to offer the services of Crisis Response Team members to victims of Domestic Violence. The CRT Program is comprised entirely of volunteers who are dedicated to providing support services to those persons involved in Domestic Violence situations. According to the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women, studies have shown that victims of domestic violence are three times more likely to return to their abusers if they are provided with little or no support. While Police Officers provide protection to victims of domestic violence by arresting and removing the batterer, our C.R.T. volunteers help the victim feel less isolated and alone.

C.R.T. Volunteers respond to Morristown Police Headquarters to provide emotional support, information on domestic violence, community resources which are available and a support plan for the victim.

The Morristown Bureau of Police is proud of the excellent work this dedicated group of volunteers perform and invites you to find out more. For additional information, please contact the C.R.T. Coordinator, Lieutenant Matthew Rawding at 973-292-6644 or by email at

Additional information pertaining to the Domestic Violence Crisis Response Teams can be found at the website for the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women.