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In our continuing effort to better serve our customers, sewer bill payments can be made online HERE, or by mail or in person at our office during regular business hours.  Payments are accepted in cash, personal checks or money orders. Additionally, payments must be presented by the end of the grace period as the State of NJ does not allow the use of postmarks for tax payment acceptance dates.
For inquiries, please complete the form below or call the Tax Collector's office at 973-292-6669 - Linda Winstead, Tax Collector.
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Q. What does my sewer bill pay for?
A. The sewer bill pays for the cost of the sanitary sewers that serve your property and the treatment of discharge.
Q. What are the rates for sewer bills?
A. There are different rates depending on the type of use of the property. Please refer to the Code for further detail (Morristown Code §20-11.4):
Q. How are the sewer rates set?
A. Sewer rates are set by ordinance and adopted by the Morristown Town Council.
Q. How is usage determined to calculate my bill?
A. Sewer bills are based on the water consumption at a location. The Town receives water consumption data from the water provider, the Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (SMCMUA), quarterly.
Q. How often are sewer bills issued?
A. Sewer bills are issued quarterly, typically at least 30 days prior to the due date, and are due on the following dates each year:
Q. What if I have a pool?
A. An owner may receive a credit once a year in the form of a deduction of the metered number of gallons based on the capacity of the pool. The owner must be able to document the volume of the pool and that the pool does not drain into the sanitary sewer. Annual documentation is the responsibility of the homeowner. (Morristown Code §20-11.4(j)). For more information, please contact the Engineering Division at (973) 292-4894.
Q. What if I had a leak?
A. According to Morristown Code §20-11.4(j), the Business Administrator is authorized to adjust sewer bills which are extraordinarily high in the following circumstances:
            a.)  Where the user can demonstrate that the leak has been repaired       and the water leakage did not go into the sanitary sewer system then a good faith adjustment will be made based on the average of the past two (2) year's applicable quarters for the billing quarter in question; or
             b.) Where the user can demonstrate that the leak has been repaired and the water leakage did go into the sanitary sewer, then the Town may adjust the bill for not more than two (2) quarters. A good faith adjustment will be made based on the average of the past two (2) year's applicable quarters at the rate in place for the billing quarter in question.
             c.) No user shall be entitled to more than one (1) adjustment for the same problem in any two (2) consecutive year period
Q. I have a sub-meter for non-contributory water. Can I get an adjustment?
A. Yes. An adjustment is available to a user who can demonstrate and certify to the Town the actual metered non-contributory water that is not being discharged into the sanitary sewer system of the Town. The user will be credited quarterly at the applicable rate times the number of units metered, provided that the metering device is satisfactory and measurements are reasonably accurate in the judgment of the Town Engineer. Readings shall be submitted to the Tax Collector no later than January 5, March 5, July 5 and October 5 in order to be used for the subsequent billing cycle. Note: sub-meter readings must be submitted to the Tax Collector's Office within 90 days of the end of a quarter to be applied for a credit. Meters shall be available for inspection by the Town and meters shall be recalibrated as required by the Town. (Morristown Code §20-11.4(j)). For more information, please contact the Engineering Division at (973) 292-4894.
Private Meter Adjustment Form can be located here.
Q. What if I think there’s a problem with my bill?
A. You may complete the inquiry form above. Or you can contact the Tax Collector, Linda Winstead, at or 973-292-6669.
It may be helpful to also verify your consumption. This can be done by comparing the consumption on your sewer bill to the consumption on your water bill. Please keep in mind that the sewer bill is issued 2 quarters after usage. For example, a sewer bill received for payment on March 1st is for water consumption for the prior July through October.
You can also review your sewer usage and bills for the year online here.
Q. Where can I find further information?
A. The Morristown Code can be found here. Relevant information can be found under Chapter 20, Water and Sewer.

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