Washington Avenue Improvements, Note from the Town Engineer

Draft Plans of the current proposed improvements for Washington Ave. 

Although not finalized, these plans are materially complete to show the effects on the properties.  They are much clearer and easier to read if you zoom in a little, and are colored at the improvement areas for additional clarity.  There is a short stretch of the road that is not depicted, as no improvements are proposed in that vicinity aside from road resurfacing and striping.

We are scheduled to have plans finalized by the end of the month (March) or very shortly thereafter.

In addition to the removal of the center islands and the proposed rotary, considerations were made for:

  • shifting a few bumpouts slightly and addressing (as possible) the other comments we documented at the last meeting held at the Church and via emails
  • Ensuring any property affected by a bumpout is not left devoid of all street parking (minimum one on-street space maintained, and 2 were possible in some instances)
  • Keeping bumpouts a minimum of 5’ off driveways where it was necessary to have the 2 in proximity to each other
  • Ensuring that 40’ school buses and all emergency vehicles can navigate all turns and intersections and passenger vehicles can navigate all movements along the streets and in and out of driveways
  • 14 new tree plantings, with types and locations hand-picked by our Town Forester.

Please note that the dark black line with numbering down the center of the street is a “baseline” and exists only on paper as a measuring stick of sorts to assist in orienting and locating things on the plan (i.e. the tree at station 26+90 Left).

Only proposed striping as of now will be white shoulder stripes, crosswalks and stop bars, and a section of double yellow centerline striping leading into the Normandy intersection.  Some short lengths of double yellow may be necessary at bumpout locations pending design requirements, but this will be minimized.  A stop sign for the approach in from Morris is also proposed, pending permissibility under design laws.

Further, the entire road is to be resurfaced and spot locations of deteriorated curbing and sidewalk will be replaced in-kind as necessary.  This is to include curbing and resurfacing of the stretch of Oak Lane that is within Morristown.

We look forward to a successful project in the very near future.

Thank you -

Anthony M. DeVizio, P.E., P.L.S.

Town Engineer, Town of Morristown

N.J. Lic. #24GB04257100

C.M.E. #09-13        C.P.W.M. #M-1841