Community Alert Notification System

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The Morristown Bureau of Police is pleased to offer the Community Alert System to the members of our community. This free system allows community members to register to receive email or text notifications directly from the Bureau of Police and can get instant notices about everything from gas leaks to missing persons, traffic accidents and road closures. Nixle, LLC developed this secure messaging technology to open trustworthy, reliable communications between governmental agencies and the communities they serve. Only authenticated agencies and organizations are permitted to use Nixle, which prevents false messages and impersonations.

These alerts are provided through the secure Nixle site, which is used by over 3000 public safety agencies around the U.S.A. and is dedicated to providing verified public safety information to community residents.

Do you want to see what it's all about? Click on the link below to go to the Municipal Wire Service which shows all the recent community notification messages. You don't have to sign up, sign in or give any information and it's completely free. Take a look around and decide if you would like to subscribe to the service before making a decision.  Subscribers to this service can sign up at

The user can choose to have messages sent to their text capable phone, email, both or simply log on to Nixle and view the messages. Levels of messages sent can also be chosen to lessen the amount of texts sent or increase the connection to the Morristown Bureau of Police.

Users can also set unlimited locations, such as home, work and school, to stay informed about area incidents as well as widespread notifications.

Just as our messages are secure, so is your information. Nixle does not track users and does not allow advertising on their site. No third party will be contacting you or spamming you after you submit your registration information.

Every citizen is encouraged to sign up to receive these messages and begin connecting with the Morristown Bureau of Police. Also, businesses that employ drivers or citizens who commute frequently are encouraged to sign up, so when a person is reported missing, additional eyes are assisting law enforcement in making a quick and safe recovery. Also, road closures will be published in timely fashion so fast changing weather and law enforcement related road closures won't catch drivers off guard.

NOTE: The Morristown Bureau of Police does not advocate nor recommend reading text messages while driving and highly discourages this practice. If you choose to receive Nixle alerts via text message, please read only when safe to do so.

The Morristown Bureau of Police endeavors to send messages only when alerting the public is necessary. If you choose to receive community messages, you may also receive an occasional message regarding important events such as upcoming parades, community events and health fairs. Frivolous messages will not be sent and your email and text boxes will not be filled with spam by these messages. We want you, the public, to know that when you receive a message from us, it is important. Nixle is just one more way the Morristown Bureau of Police is working with the community to keep residents safe and informed.     

Help us spread the word about Nixle. You can download this free promotional poster and share it with everyone you know.