Criminal Investigations Division

Police Non-Emergency Line: 973-538-2200


The Criminal Investigations Division provides an investigative capacity to the Bureau of Police and is vital to ensuring the operational efficiency of the agency. Commanded by Captain Keith Cregan, this Division maintains the Detective Bureau and Internal Affairs Units and conducts all criminal and administrative investigations as needed.

Investigative Unit

The Investigative Unit of the Morristown Police Department is responsible for investigating crimes, conducting follow up investigations, as well as identifying quality of life issues that affect the community.
The Investigative Unit is commanded by Detective Lieutenant Matthew Rawding who handles the day-to-day operations and is responsible for identifying, assigning, and managing all criminal cases.  There are currently 5 full time detectives in the unit who share on call responsibilities and respond to major incidents when requested by the Patrol Division. Each Detective has specialized training in various areas such as narcotics investigations, arson investigation, white collar crimes and juvenile justice.
The Investigative Unit works closely and has a strong partnership with various other law enforcement agencies such as the Morris County Prosecutor's Office, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, New Jersey State Police, several federal law enforcement agencies such as the IRS, FBI, INS, and DEA and all other municipal Police Departments in the state as needed.
For specific Detectives, please contact them at the telephone number listed below.
Detective Lieutenant Matthew Rawding 973-292-6648
Detective Sergeant Scott Pino 973-292-6737
Detective Theodore Jones       973-292-6642
Detective Kevin Beal 973-292-6699
Detective Robert Edwards 973-292-6646
Detective Scott Weaver 973-292-6656
Detective John Sweetman 973-292-6645
Detective Mark Underhill 973-292-6643
Ms. Jackie Scott          973-796-1934