Morristown Cut It and Leave It for a Better Lawn

Stop cutting your lawn bagging the clippings.  Why? Did you know that grass clippings are a natural fertilizer for your lawn?  By cutting it and leaving it, you will:
  • Save money on lawn care  
  • Improve the health of your lawn
  • Reduce waste
Grass clippings help retain moisture and nutrients for your lawn, while reducing weed growth and soil erosion (without fertilizer).
A 5,000 square foot lawn produces one ton (2,000 pounds) of grass clippings per year.   By leaving grass clippings on your lawn, you eliminate the need to transport bags of grass to distant composting facilities or landfills. 
Here are a few more tips for your lawn:
  • Let your grass grow 2-3 inches high. Your lawn will be healthier.  Taller grass shades
    the soil and cools the grass roots.
  • Don’t worry about thatch
o  Thatch forms from accumulated dead roots and stems, not from grass clippings.
o  The more you add fertilizer to your lawn, the faster thatch accumulates.
  • Add mulch to your lawn/clippings to reduce your use of garden fertilizers and to moderate soil temperature and reduce runoff from your garden.