Our mission is to generate an environmental pride and a sense of ownership within the Morristown community – specifically around Speedwell and Pocahontas Lakes today. We believe the appearance of a town affects its residents and whether businesses and new residents decide to relocate here.
When residents feel they are part of a community, they take pride in what’s around them and how things look and contribute to the well-being of the environment.  They won’t throw trash out the windows in their own neighborhood when they feel that sense of ownership.  If you see someone littering or dumping, please SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT and call the Morristown Police at 973-538-2200.  Our work is integrated with the mission of law enforcement and economic development and will ultimately benefit all the residents of Morristown to be the gatekeepers of keeping Morristown beautiful.
Our Friends of Foote’s Pond is a terrific model for preventing urban litter, transforming neglected areas, and revitalizing neighborhoods.  The MEC wants to mobilize Speedwell and Pocahontas Lake residents and teach them how to utilize critical services and resources so that they can transform their neighborhoods into areas of beauty, pride and safety.