Planning Division

The Planning Division provides general planning and landscape design services to the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, any committees of either Board and the Town Council.  The Planning Division also works closely with other municipal officials and entities, such as the Environmental Commission; as well as with Morristown based, non-municipal organizations, such as the Morristown Partnership and the Trustees of the Green.  It is the primary responsibility of the division to keep abreast of Planning and Land Use related issues at the federal, state, regional, county and local levels that may affect the future of the Town and help develop Morristown’s response to those issues.
Examples that have required Division involvement recently and will continue to do so are:
  • The Master Plan Re-examination 2008
  • Center Designation Municipal Assessment Report
  • The 2003 Master Plan
  • The Speedwell Avenue Redevelopment Area Study
  • The Epstein Rehabilitation Proposal
  • Zoning Ordinance Amendments Based On The Recommendation of the 2003 Master Plan

Facade Design Guidelines

Preserves and improves the appearance of the buildings and streetscapes in Morristown’s Central Business Districts.