Morristown Police Department           

By registering your home or business security cameras, you can help solve crimes within the Morristown Community.

The Morristown Police Department is proud to announce a new surveillance camera registration program within our community called Virtual Crime Watch.  The goal of this program is to create a safer Morristown through partnership with our neighborhood residents and business owners.  The program is entirely free of charge, voluntary, and any information gained will be strictly for the use of the Morristown Police Department.

By registering your security camera system with the Morristown Police Department, it will enable our Officers and Detectives to more easily identify any camera systems that may have captured criminal activity or potential criminal suspects.  The decision to allow an Officer or Detective of the Morristown Police Department review your footage or to provide a copy of the footage is entirely up to you.  By registering for the Virtual Crime Watch program, you are by no means required to provide any surveillance footage.  However, the information you provide has the potential to be invaluable to a criminal investigation!

Step 1: Register your security camera system with the Morristown Police Department by completing the Virtual Crime Watch Surveillance Camera Registration Form. Enter your contact information and answer some basic questions and then click the "SUBMIT VIA EMAIL" button at the bottom of the form. Questions or Concerns? Contact us via email:

Step 2: When an Incident Occurs in your neighborhood:

  • The Morristown Police Department will contact you and request to view surveillance footage from your system, or request that you review the footage on your own to help us identify any investigative leads.  If it is determined that the surveillance footage may be of evidental value, a member of the Department will request a copy of the footage be made, and we are always happy to assist with that process.
  • As a reminder, be sure to remember your camera system password!

Thanks from everyone at the Morristown Police Department!