Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety consists of the Bureau of Police, the Bureau of Fire Protection and Emergency Management.


The Morristown Fire Bureau consists of Career and Volunteer Fire Fighters, providing emergency response, public safety, and assistance to the Town of Morristown.

Any resident 18 years or older that is interested in volunteering, please call (973) 292-6603 or email


The Morristown Police Department is the primary agency responsible for providing all police services to the Town of Morristown. Contact the Morristown Police Bureau HERE.


The Town of Morristown Office of Emergency Management proactively plans for hazards, works to reduce threats and prepares Morristown citizens to respond to and recover from a disaster. We are committed to ensuring that our community is prepared.

The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for providing mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and coordination for large-scale emergencies and disasters, both natural and human-caused, to the citizens of Morristown for the purpose of saving lives and preventing property damage.