Recycling, Refuse, & Yard Waste Collection

 Collection of all Zones will resume the day following the holiday.
New Years Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
REMINDER: Residents are REQUIRED to use Garbage Containers.
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Recycling is Mandatory in Morristown.

The Town of Morristown’s Lake Road Recycling Center, located at 90 Lake Road is open to all residents, schools, institutions, hospitals, governments and businesses in the Town of Morristown.  There is NO CHARGE for recycling of mixed paper, glass, plastic, electronics or metals.  Residents (proof of Morristown residency required) and businesses may drop off recycling during our hours.  Brush and branches may also be dropped off at the center.

Some of the items that are NOT RECYCLABLE include the following:

Plastic toys, plastic pools, plastic auto parts, plastic furniture, wood furniture, construction grade wood, construction debris, carpets, mattresses, window glass, mirrored glass, PVC pipe, small plastic appliances, ceramic dishes & containers, plastic sheeting and tarps, vinyl siding, rubber hose, 5-gal.buckets, latex paint, empty paint buckets, styrofoam (peanuts, packing, coolers, etc.), kitchen waste and general household trash. 

Appliances, Metals, Tires, & Car Batteries

The Town of Morristown offers curbside collection of appliances,metals,cartires,& car batteries during odd-numbered months (6 times/year).
There is a fee of $2 per tire and $5 per large appliance, pay able at the Morristown Tax Office on the first floor of Town Hall,200 South Street.  Proof of Morristown residency is also required. Upon payment, you will be given “fee paid” stickers to put on each item you will be putting out for pick-upon your scheduled date. Large appliances include but are not limited to: refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioners and humidifiers.
Questions? Contact Public Works at 973-292-6670.


Collected every other month, 6 times a year curbside is one of the special collections provided by DPW. Brush is to be placed at the curb free of trash and other debris, tied in bundles no more than four (4) foot lengths, weight not to exceed fifty (50) pounds. Branches exceeding four (4) inches in diameter must be placed in a separate pile at the curb. Any branch exceeding four (4) inches in diameter will not be accepted. The Town shall not collect tree and shrubbery trimmings cut by landscape or tree service contractors or other commercial workmen, or which result from land being cleared or tree’s taken down.

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority provides two options to Morristown residents for recycling both standard & compact fluorescent light bulbs.
The first option is to take your burned-out bulbs to one of the scheduled Hazardous Waste Disposal Days offered by MCMUA. These occur several times a year at various locations in Morris County. Drop-off is free.
The second option is to call MCMUA at 973-829-8006 to schedule an appointment for drop-off at the MCMUA Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Mt. Olive. There may be a fee. Details can be found on the MCMUA website. The Town of Morristown does not recycle fluorescent bulbs. The Town will pick up fluorescent bulbs as regular curbside garbage. This is the least desirable option for disposal.

Public Works collects leaves curbside twice annually. The Department of Public Works provides leaf collection services for the residents of Morristown two times a year -- in the spring season during the month of April and in the fall season, from October through December, leaves are raked curbside by residents. Scheduled by ward, DPW collects the leaves with leaf vacuums attached to dump trucks. Leaves must be raked to the curb free of rocks, brush, twigs, trash, grass and other debris.
Check your schedule for more specific dates.


Hazardous waste is prohibited by Town Code 109 from being disposed of in regular garbage and is not accepted at the recycling center. Some of the items considered as Hazardous Waste include: ANTIFREEZE, MOTOR OIL, MURATIC ACID, BRAKE FLUID, OIL BASED PAINTS AND SOLVENTS, PESTICIDES AND POOL CHEMICALS,


If you have any question on what you are discarding, call the DPW office. Morris County has a Hazardous Waste drop off days several times a year. For more information you can call the County at 973-829-8006. For disposal of syringes call Morristown Memorial Hospital at 973-971-5271.


Curbside refuse and recycling collection is provided to all residents of Morristown.  For collection purposes, the Town is divided into two zones, each zone collected two days per week. (North & South Zone Sanitation & Recycling Calendar (English & Spanish)

~Regulations for Collection ~

  • Garbage and recycling cans must be metal or plastic container of substantial construction with a capacity of not less than ten (10), or more than thirty two (32) gallons, with a tight fitting lid and wheels and/or handles of sufficient size and strength to facilitate safe handling of the container when full. Weight of garbage/recycling container cannot exceed fifty (50) pounds.
  • All garbage/recycling shall be drained of all liquids prior to placement in garbage/ recycling container for collection.
  • Garbage/recycling containers shall be placed for collection at ground level and at curbside to insure unimpeded access thereto sanitation/recycling personnel.
  • Garbage/recycling shall not be put out before 5:00 PM on the day before collection and shall be removed from the curb within twenty-four (24) hours.
  • No medical waste shall be placed in any container. (Call DPW office for proper disposal procedures)
  • No building/construction material, concrete, brick, and soil will be collected curbside.


Building/Construction material Examples:  Windows, doors, Sheetrock, plywood, wood beams (2x4’s- 4x4’s, 6x6’s, etc.), siding, shingles, fencing, railroad ties, pipes, asphalt, concrete, brick, and soil.

Regular household trash: Daily waste normally generated by the day-to-day activities of the residents of a single family dwelling.

Large trash:  Bulk items (i.e. furniture)

Co-mingled:  Glass, cans & 1 through 7 plastics

Special Note: There will be no Garbage Collection, Recycling, or Leaf Collection on the following Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and/or the day before or after Christmas Day depending how it falls in current year. Please check your Zone Schedule by clicking the link above for more detail. However, Garbage Collection, Recycling and Leaf Collection will resume the day following the Holiday, so please be sure to leave your garbage out that evening.