Morristown Rent Leveling Board

This is the appellate board of the Division of Rent Leveling. Should tenants or property owners disagree with the determination of the Division Manager on rent increases, they can appeal to the Board which will hear both sides and render a decision. The Members meet as needed to review appeals of decisions of the Manager of Rent Leveling concerning hardship applications, capital improvement applications, overcharges in rent, etc

The Morristown Rent Leveling Board consists of five (5) members appointed by the Council.  Each member serves four-year terms.  Two alternates serve four-year terms as well. Meetings are held as needed, based on appeals. Usually 1-2 times per year at Town Hall. Room TBA.

Current Members

Munah Hayes - Class A Tenant
Leandra Gerena, Class C Homeowner
Mark DeMatthis - Class B Landlord
Vacant - Class B or C Landlord / Homeowner 12/31/22
Deborah Regan - Class C Homeowner
Kenneth McPherson, Class A Tenant
William Byrne, Class A Tenant & 2nd Alternate 12/31/24