Sewer Utility

Bob Brooks, Superintendent
Phone:  973-292-6651
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday

7:00 AM to 3:30 PM
The Town of Morristown houses a 3.45 mgd (millions gallons/day) Waste Water Treatment Plant, treating both domestic and industrial sewage. It is a 24 hour/day, seven day/week operation that basically takes sewage from homes and industries and treats it according to State permit regulations.
The plant must meet said regulations in order to discharge its final product into open water, not for drinking, of course. The permit to operate the plant is somewhat like a driver's license; operation must cease without it.
The sewer plant must be self-sustaining; that is, it must collect enough in sewer taxes to cover all costs of the plant's operation. The Town tax and sewer bills are now separated as a result of this.
Residents are asked to watch what they put into their drains; grease, fats, chemicals, paints, solvents, clothing, paper, plastic, large food pieces, etc. should not be disposed of through the sewer system. Should residents have a drainage backup in their home, they are asked to first contact the Plant; someone will make sure the problem isn't a backup in the main sewer line. If that is the case, a jet vac will be used to clean the line. If the problem is not with the main line, then it is the time to call a plumber.
The Sewer Division is also responsible for keeping track of water consumption trends within the sewer system in the Town. Based upon the history of water consumption, outside factors such as draughts, etc., the sewer user fee ordinance has established base sewer user fees for the Town; this ordinance must work in connection with all Town ordinances, not against them. Changes are incorporated as needed to help maintain the sewer billing system.
Should people disagree with their sewer bill, members of the Division will work with them to help determine if the bill is correct or not.