Interested in locating your business in Morristown?

This Step-by-Step Guide will assist you through the essential processes required of all businesses.

Even if you are “just” taking over an existing business these steps are required so that we can better serve you and the community as a whole.


As the Special Improvement District (SID) of Morristown, The Morristown Partnership is responsible for the revitalization and general upkeep of the town's central business district. Along with the responsibility of recruiting business to Morristown and keeping them here, the Partnership also keeps statistical information and contributes to the beautification, ease of use and community relations of the town. Since these segments of the community are all interrelated, the Partnership has evolved to become the liaison between them, and now leads the charge in Morristown's new revolution.

Business Development

With its popular downtown business district and effective strategy for Business Development, Morristown is winning the hearts and wallets of consumers, drawing nearly 75,000 people each day for both work and play. Shouldn't your business be a part of it?

Marketing Opportunities

An association with the Morristown Partnership offers a number of cost effective opportunities for area corporations and businesses to gain valuable exposure within a sizable regional market. Find out more about Marketing Opportunities with the Morristown Partnership.


Who are they, those fine upstanding residents of Morristown? And more importantly, how many of them are there? We have compiled a complete record of the town's Demographics, broken down every which way you can. It's a valuable resource for businesses thinking about relocating to Morristown.