Morristown Zoning Code Update

In July 2022, the Planning Board adopted a new Master Plan Reexamination, which reviewed Town planning objectives in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, new State legislation – including the legalization of recreational cannabis and new EV parking requirements – the 2020 Census, and four years and over 100 applications under the LDO. In light of these evolving conditions, the 2022 Reexamination provided various recommendations for zoning amendments, which are incorporated into a new LDO, adopted by the Town on February 13, 2024 and in effect on March 4, 2024. The Town subsequently coordinated codification of the new LDO into its eCode to facilitate access, ease-of-use, and subsequent ordinance amendments.
The materials on this page provide varying levels of detail to orient readers. The presentation provides a high-level overview of ordinance amendments, while the spreadsheet provides comprehensive detail on all changes contained within the Amended LDO.
If you believe the changes to the zoning ordinance render your current property non-conforming (i.e., Previously permitted use is no longer permitted), click HERE for more information and instructions to protect your legal rights. Click here to view the 2024 Land Development Ordinance.
The Zoning Code governs the use and design of buildings in Morristown and standards for the design of improvements such as parking, landscaping, fencing, signage and environmental standards. The 2018 Land Development Ordinance was the first comprehensive update to the Morristown Land Development Ordinance since the previous ordinance was adopted in 1979.”
The standards in this document are intended to better capture the existing character and development patterns of the Town, while guiding future development in Morristown. Wherever possible, these regulations simplify the treatment of uses, buildings and site improvements in the Town and eliminate, consolidate or amend out-of-date requirements.
The standards in this code update include practical and context-sensitive standards for what uses are permitted in the Town’s neighborhoods and how buildings are designed in the Town. These concepts are rooted in the 2014 Morristown Moving Forward Master Plan, which focused on circulation and community form, and proposed a form-based land use code that respects the Town’s existing character and its historic assets.
This code marks a shift forward in the future of zoning in Morristown. The provisions of this ordinance regulate use, intensity and bulk as in the previous ordinance, but provides further guidelines with respect to ensuring new development strengthens long-established neighborhood character. Further, this code governs development in Morristown, not only by district, but also by street frontage, to ensure that the nature of new uses and buildings are consistent with that of Morristown’s established neighborhoods.
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